Looking for perfect pepperoni that lays flat on a pizza or cups around the edges while baking? Maybe you need the traditional Italian flavor of Genoa salami or smoky hard salami for a sammie or stromboli.

Sugardale pepperoni and salami are handcrafted and hung to dry the old-fashioned way, just like we've been doing in the USA since 1920.

Sugardale Pepperoni & Salami for Every Need


Our pepperoni is more than one-style-fits-all. Whether it's the crispy edges of cup and char, lots of little slices, or the classic pizza pepperoni you're looking for, we have something to fit your specifications. Choose from our blend of premium all-beef pepperoni or a mix of beef and pork or chicken, or even turkey.

Hard Salami

Searching for salami that's peppery and smoke-forward? This classic German-style of dried meat can't be beat.

Genoa Salami

Seeking salami that's peppery and garlicky? This classic Italian-style is the salami for you.