Ham is a hit, no matter how you slice it…or dice it! Sugardale ham is famous for bringing that craveable smokey-sweet flavor that makes diners order the same dish every time they visit.

All of our hams are fully cooked, naturally smoked, and sugar-cured the old-fashioned way—just like we've been doing since our start in 1920.

Sugardale Ham for Every Need

Diced Ham

Don't want to waste time on prep? No problem. Sugardale diced hams arrive pre-cut and are all set to serve.

Cubed Ham

Perfect in salads, soups, or stews, Sugardale cubed ham comes ready to add some smoky-sweet protein to any dish.

Julienne Ham

Long strips of Sugardale Julienne ham are perfect for pizza or as a lean protein on salad.


Go ham with sandwiches! Sugardale pre-sliced ham mean’s you won’t waste time slicing.

PIT Boneless Ham

Perfect for carving stations where you need a whole ham but don't want to carve around the bone. Sugardale PIT hams are fully cooked and naturally smoked after being boned, trimmed, and sugar-cured.