We meticulously blend Sugardale pepperoni to make sure it's easy for your team to handle and cooks to your specifications. Our bacon pieces and diced and Julienne ham are sugar-cured and smoked the old-fashioned way for the best flavor.

Sugardale Pizza Topping for Every Need


Cup and char? Lots of little pepperonis? Or maybe classic pepperoni is the star of your pie. Do you want it to go under the cheese or on top of the cheese? Sugardale pepperoni is meticulously blended to perform exactly how you need it to, and that includes finding the right meat, from premium all-beef pepperoni to a blend of beef and pork or chicken and even turkey.

Bacon Pieces

Super in salads and perfect on pizza! Sugardale 100% real bacon pieces are smoked with real hickory hardwood for that irresistible bacon taste, then fully cooked to save your team time and prep space.

Diced and Julienne Ham

Fully cooked and naturally smoked with hickory hardwood, Sugardale ham is sugar-cured just like we've been doing since our beginning in 1920. Then we consistently dice or slice our hams for your convenience.