It's Our Pleasure Doing Business With You.

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    Family values drive what we do:
    what started as a small shop in Canton, Ohio, has expanded to a worldwide purveyor of meat because of the relationships we build

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    We continue to invest in our business:
    we keep our facilities in tip-top shape while staying ahead with our industry's best innovations

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    Safety is #1:
    all of our production facilities consistently receive some of the highest ratings available for food safety based on the Global Food Safety Initiative standards from the British Retail Consortium (BRC)

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    We offer a dedicated Customer Service Team:
    instead of being bounced from person to person, all of our customers are given consistent service and care

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    Big or small, we work with all:
    we sell Sugardale products through large national and international distributors and smaller, family-owned operations

"When we say we take a 'personal approach', we mean it. We live it. And we act accordingly every day. And this is the differentiator."

- Sugardale Team

Our Meats Make Memories

Whether it's the hot dog at the ballpark or the pepperoni pizza delivered every Friday night, meat is the center of many of the special memories in all of our lives.


From Major League Baseball ballparks


to your favorite restaurants


to your go-to pizza spot down the street

…we're proud to work with the businesses that make those moments happen.

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Cheers to (More Than) 100 Years

What does it mean to create a legacy? To us, it's about what our meats mean to the people who enjoy them.

From the very beginning in Canton, Ohio, in 1920, our delicious Sugardale bacon, hams, hot dogs, pepperoni, and salami have been at the center of both life's greatest moments and the everyday occasions that make life sweet.

We're so grateful to our partners for joining us on this journey. It's thanks to you that we are able to reach more people and more plates. And together, we're just getting started. Here's to the next 100 years!

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100% Made in the USA
100% Real Ingredients
100% Delicious

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