• Bacon


    What's shakin'? Bacon! Whether you're looking for pre-cooked or ready-to-cook, regular or extra thick, or the perfect bacon pieces to top a dish—Sugardale has you covered.

  • Dry Sausage

    Dry Sausage

    Carefully crafted pepperoni and salami take time–which is why we hang each stick to dry the old-fashioned way. Slow and steady wins the taste race.

  • Pizza Toppings

    Pizza Toppings

    Do you want your pepperoni to cup and char or lay flat with little grease? Maybe you need ready-to-use real bacon? Looking for the perfect ham for your meat lovers or Hawaiian pie? We've got it all.

  • Sliced Meats

    Sliced Meats

    We slice it, you serve it, and they come back again and again. With Sandwich Ready® sliced ham, turkey, pepperoni, and salami, you have more time to craft inventive sandwiches that are uniquely yours.

  • Ham


    Whether you need a showstopping whole PIT ham to be the star of the buffet or ready-to-use sliced and diced ham for super sammies—we have over a century of ham expertise, and we're happy to help.

  • Hot Dogs

    Hot Dogs

    Roller grill ready! After 100 years in business, Sugardale knows a thing or two about what makes a perfect hot dog.