Is it the sizzle you're after, or do you want bacon pieces that are pre-cooked and ready to eat? Something in between? We've got plenty of options to keep your cooking efficient and your customers craving seconds.

Sugardale Bacon for Every Need

EZ Pan Bacon

It's all in the name! Baking Sugardale EZ Pan bacon couldn't be easier—just lift each oven-safe sheet of parchment paper with a single layer of bacon slices directly onto a baking sheet or flip it over onto a flat top.

Slab Bacon

Lots of bacon for the price! Serving breakfast all day? Slab bacon is an economical way to serve up your diners' favorite breakfast protein.


Let us get the cooking process started for you! Your customers will think they're eating bacon you cooked from raw, but Sugardale roasted bacon is partially cooked for less grease and less mess. Your chefs can quickly finish cooking this bacon in the oven or on a flat top in minutes.

Same great flavor and texture you get from raw bacon in a fraction of the time.

Pre-cooked Regular, Thick and Extra Thick Slices

Looking for bacon that's ready in 5 seconds and adds the perfect touch to the sandwiches on your menu? Pre-cooked bacon comes on sheets of oven-safe parchment so your team can prepare a little…or a lot!

Bacon Pieces

Super in soups and salads, perfect on pizza or really any dish you want to top with bacon! Sugardale 100% real bacon pieces are fully cooked to save your team time and prep space.